Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set
Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set
Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set
Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set
Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set
Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Calming & Beauty Sleep Gift Set


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This sleep box is full of sleeping beauties to take your sleep to the next level.

To really sleep well, the ambiance of your bedroom, the material of your bedding and what you do before bedtime are crucial. How quickly you fall asleep is related to the feeling of safety and tranquility. Did you know that you can train your body's relaxation system with awareness and practice? A fixed sleep routine is particularly suitable for this. Your brain likes routine: this gives you peace and security. In addition, your body recognizes the recurring actions, allowing it to relax even better and faster. You can enhance this effect by stimulating your senses during your sleep routine, such as with the scent of a soothing oil. You guessed it: all products in this sleep box contribute to a better night's sleep and they reinforce each other's effect.


  • Coco & Cici Beauty pillowcase made of 100% TENCEL
    mega soft and moisture regulating
  • Rock Your World Calming Pillow Spray with lavender and geranium oil
    hello zen mode
  • Pukka Night Time Tea
    tasty and relaxing
  • Sleep meditation from Bluebirds
  • Pukka Night Time supplements (60 capsules)
    of organic herbs, including valerian and ashwaganda
  • Moments of Light Tea bag with bath salts from the Dead Sea and magnesium 'The Laid Bag'
    relaxes the muscles

Step-by-step plan for an optimal sleep routine

STEP 1: Turn off (most) lights and light candles

Dim light signals to your brain that the day is over. Result: your body produces extra melatonin (sleep hormone).

STEP 2: Drink a cup of Pukka Night Time tea

Steep a soothing Pukka Night Time tea bag (a blend of 100% organic oat flower, lavender and lime blossom) in freshly boiled water for 15 minutes and take a moment to let go of the hustle and bustle of the day.

STEP 3: Think of a relaxing evening activity

Consider, for example: reading, doing puzzles, watching a nice movie, crafting, knitting, coloring, journaling. This helps you calm and organize your thoughts. In the meantime, drink the soothing tea.

STEP 4: Take a warm bath or shower

Take a bath with 'The Laid Bag' bath salts from Moments of Light to relax your muscles even more. Or take a shower with a relaxing (essential) oil such as lavender or chamomile.

STEP 5: Use the Rock Your World Calming Pillow Spray

Spray the Calming Pillow Spray in the bedroom or over yourself and smell the scent. Your brain gets the signal: everything is okay, I am safe. This promotes a good night's sleep.

STEP 6: Take the Pukka Night Time supplement

Take 1 to 2 Pukka Night Time capsules half an hour before going to sleep. This is a 100% organic and caffeine-free supplement with herbs that support natural sleep.*

STEP 7: Feel the softness of the Coco&Cici Beauty pillowcase

The right bedding is essential for a good night's sleep. Get into bed and feel how wonderfully soft the Beauty Pillowcase feels. It is so gentle on your skin and hair! The substance hydrates, making wrinkle formation, sleep folds, split ends, frizzy hair and tangles less likely to occur. In addition, the comfortable luxurious feeling stimulates the soothing yin energy within yourself.

STEP 8: Do our sleep meditation

Do the sleep meditation from Blue-birds Yoga. Then preferably put your phone or computer outside the bedroom or turn it off completely before going to sleep.

Sweet dreams!

Type white (60x70)

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