Buy dining room chairs?

Eetkamerstoelen kopen?

Buy dining room chairs? 4 tips for choosing your perfect dining room chair!

Home is, where the heart is The heart of the home is in many ways the dining room, a space where we feed ourselves, share company, eat good meals and have good conversations. Choosing a perfect set of dining chairs and dining table is so important to create an inviting space for family and friends. Beautiful and comfortable dining room chairs are perfect for long dining. Pleasant! But sitting comfortably is not only important while eating. You also like to sit well if you want to do puzzles, work or drink a cup of tea.

So ask yourself these questions: What kind of space do I have? Is it a dining room or a dining area in a room? Suppose you have a dining room, how often do you use this room to eat? How do you use the dining room? Is it just to eat or do you also want to work there? But it's also important to ask yourself: does my family consist of young children? Which interior style suits me and my home?

Which material should I choose for my dining table chairs?

Dining room chairs come in many shapes and sizes: with or without armrests and in many materials, such as wood, leather, plastic, rattan and metal combined with different bases. In addition to the fact that a dining table chair must look stylish, comfort is an important aspect. You will enjoy dining, drinks and being together with friends and/or family even more on a comfortable dining room chair! At Life at goodiez you will find many chairs for every living style, from a modern dining table chair to the classic dining room armchair.

Measuring is knowing

It is of course important to choose dining table chairs that fit perfectly with the dining table in terms of seat height, so that you have the right posture and there is enough space to sit down. Determine the maximum space that your dining room chairs can take up. Measure it and you'll have a rough idea of the size of the chair and table you're looking for.

Determine number of dining room chairs

Tables are usually available in four seater, six seater and eight seater sizes, but determining the number of dining chairs is not always that simple. Depending on the type of table you buy, you may need more or fewer chairs. For example, if your dining table is round, it is not nice to put the maximum number of dining room chairs around it. On the other hand, it also looks very strange if you place too few chairs around a large dining table. So find the right balance here.

Combining different dining room chairs

Do you like different dining room chairs, but can't make a choice? That is not always necessary. It is also a super nice idea to combine different dining room chairs. This can also be done in different ways:
  • Quiet: Don't want to be too busy? Although the design is different, you can create a calm look by choosing dining room chairs in the same colors and materials. Decide for yourself whether you want one or two colors. It can also be very nice, for example, to combine two wooden dining room chairs with two black steel chairs for something more dynamic, without it getting too busy.
  • Colorful: which is also a nice idea to go for the same design, but in a different color.
  • Eclectic: do you like eclectic, and is nothing too crazy for you? Then you are actually completely free to choose dining room chairs that you like, and to combine them with each other.

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